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Welcome to In Love With Threads, my blog about my embroidery work and interesting thread and fibre stuff!

I’ve been very busy in the past year and have done so much stitching that my wrist currently aches.  Over the next few posts I plan on showing you those projects.  Such as the two wedding veils I made, the wedding dress I altered, the Christmas stocking for my (brand new) son-in-law, the jewellery set for my friend and some non-stitching things as well (mostly wedding related, see the term ‘brand new son-in-law’ above).

I’m not much of a photographer, so bear with my as I learn and hopefully, you’ll be able to tell what is in each picture.

I should tell you that I have two cats, Pedro and Fitz.  I imagine that they will show up here often, if only because they get in the way when I am taking pictures.


About inlovewiththreads

Welcome to In Love With Threads! My name is Heather and I live near beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my two cats, Pedro and Fitz. I have been embroidering for as long as I can remember. I love playing with threads and fibres and creating beautiful things with them.
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