Abigail the 18th Century Astronaut.

Last week Colleen from the Magic Bean posted a challenge.  She had this contest to make a doll by reinventing an historical era “to come up with a whole new alternative to the past or even the future.”  Then, two days before the contest closing date, Colleen asked us what we could do in 2 days.  Well, let’s just say that a double challenge like that was too good to pass up.  So, I tamed the dragon.  And created Abigail.  The 18th century astronaut.

Abigail the 18th century astronaut doll

I’m a geek.  I admit it.  But I am also interested in historical fashion.  So what’s a better mashup than 18th century elegance and science fiction?  Here’s what I wrote as my entry into the contest:

I am an historian, in love with historical fashion. I am also a geek, in love with Star Wars, Star Trek and sci fi. I have taken fashion history at the local university as well as astrophysics. Put these together and you get Abigail.
“Fashion hasn’t changed since the mid 1700s. However technology has marched along at an astounding pace. Abigail is an astronaut and is dressed in the most advanced space suit of the 22nd century. She is clothed in fabrics which are made to protect her in the harsh environments of space and other planets. The high tech materials in her robe à l’anglaise help to regulate her temperature in the coldness of space or the warmth of Mercury. Her large panniers hold and disguise all her essential equipment, such as her rebreather, and battery packs for all her power needs. Her stomacher protects her from dangerous radiation, micrometeorites and has a lifesigns indicator. Her chatelaine has everything she needs for space travel such as her gloves, for when she exits the space ship, a ‘star’ chart in the form of a star, a moon-shaped tricorder, a ray gun, an expanding telescope and, of course, her fan, without which no lady of the court would be.
Abigail’s rocket pack can be strapped to her back and is useful within both the vacuum of space and the atmosphere of any planet and her necklace which looks like any fashionable piece, is her communicator. Her helmet, which is sized to cover her large, powdered wig, has indicators, switches and an oxygen hose.”
Describe your doll:Abigail is approximately 10” high by 8” wide and only a couple of inches thick. The doll body includes the skirt shape and except for stitching the two layers of it together she is entirely hand stitched. She was made entirely from items in my stash. Her ‘space age’ fabrics include silver lame, both plain and embossed and a grey satin. Abigail also has ribbons, beads, rickrack, gimp, felt and various findings such as the old earring which is her fan. I made her ray gun (cardboard and beads), telescope (essentially a paper bead) and lifesigns indicator (beads and felt). Her star chart is a button and a grommet. I started her the day that the 2 day challenge was posted on The Magic Bean.This was a fun challenge and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.
The Historical Period You’ve Used:18th century Europe, approximately 1760 or so, when panniers were at their widest and high hairdos were coming into fashion.

Anyway, today Colleen announced the winners and Abigail received an honourable mention!  I’m so proud.  Especially when you see the other dolls she was up against.  Here’s some more pictures of her and her accessories.

Abigail the 18th century astronaut doll and her accessories

Abigail the 18th century astronaut's jet pack

Abigail the 18th century astronaut doll's face and hair.Abigail the 18th century astronaut doll in her helmet

I am excitedly waiting for my prize so that I may try my hand at more dolls.  I won Patti Culea’s Cloth Doll Making DVD (donated by Studio Galli).   What kind of mash up would you have done?

About inlovewiththreads

Welcome to In Love With Threads! My name is Heather and I live near beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my two cats, Pedro and Fitz. I have been embroidering for as long as I can remember. I love playing with threads and fibres and creating beautiful things with them.
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10 Responses to Abigail the 18th Century Astronaut.

  1. LimeRiot says:

    Oh my gosh, Heather!! This is amazing!! You are super talented and clever to boot :). I can’t believe this wasn’t the grand prize winner.

  2. Jackie Cardy says:

    Thank you for your comment. The link to my etsy shop is at the right side of my posts. At the moment its next to the picture of the Herdwick sheep! Just click dogdaisy92 under there.

  3. It’s a lovely doll. Congratulations.

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  6. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    That’s amazing, and in two days or less??? Sheesh… Congratulations on your win!!!

  7. Colleen says:

    You did do a great job and obviously the judges were impressed. I was so pleased that someone took up the additional challenge of making their entry in two days. It goes to show that sometimes we over think things and when we just go ahead and do it, sometimes it works out even better.
    Thanks for participating!

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