Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash White Lace

Today’s stash picture is some white lace and thread and also an example of how much better a photographer is my daughter.  She was fooling around with my little, point-and-shoot camera and managed to take some pictures of greater calibre than anything I’ve managed so far.  I will grant that she had better light.  I’ve been struggling with the bright summer light that comes into my place and causes all kinds of shadows.  I’ve attempted to set up a photo area in my kitchen using all artificial light, but that has resulted in some of the terrible pictures I’ve posted lately.  I’m still working on it, learning and trying.  Hopefully, I will improve in time.

This week’s stash has some lace and two types and sizes of DMC threads.  Both are crochet cottons, I think, of different weights.  There also seems to be some gimp in the upper right side.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day we’ve had this summer, so far.  I’ll be hiding inside with the airconditioning on, watching the Olympics.  What about you?


About inlovewiththreads

Welcome to In Love With Threads! My name is Heather and I live near beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my two cats, Pedro and Fitz. I have been embroidering for as long as I can remember. I love playing with threads and fibres and creating beautiful things with them.
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2 Responses to Sunday Stash

  1. Leah says:

    This is a nice picture! I have the opposite problem in my place – not enough sunlight! I haven’t watched any of the Olympics yet. I’m not much of a sports fan, plus I don’t bother with cable. Oh, and hot days are a great excuse for a trip to the ice cream store. 😉

  2. Sterling Ray says:

    I think your photography skills have been improving! I really love some of the pictures on here. Like the moss one, the one of the little blue embroidered flower, and the green Sunday Stash. Keep it up! It always takes a million shots to find some good keepers 🙂

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