Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers!  I hope that 2013 will be a year filled with wonder and blessing for you all.

This blog has been severely neglected of late, poor thing.  I’ve been busy working on things, though.  Much of which I couldn’t show you before Christmas anyway.

I finally finished my son-in-law’s Christmas stocking.  I had started last year (2011) but didn’t get it done in time for Christmas.  My excuse was that I spent the majority of the year working on a veil, dress, and assorted other items for his wedding to my daughter.  He seemed to buy it.

Alex Stocking WM

I made the other stockings for my children years ago and he wanted one.  It shows he’s one of the family now.  Poor thing.

Stockings WM

These stockings aren’t my design.  They are part of a series that was published in the 1980’s but I can’t find the designer’s name anywhere.  If you know, leave me a comment, please.  They are each hours of work.  It had been a long time since I’d done someone else’s pattern but it was fun to make.

I made these ornaments for a friend of mine.  These are my design.

Star Wars Ornaments WM

I plan on making several more, including some Star Trek and Dr. Who ones.  And I want a set for my own tree next year.  I was also working on some things that I can’t show you yet!  Lots of ideas, not so much time.

Did you get all your Christmas presents finished in time?

About inlovewiththreads

Welcome to In Love With Threads! My name is Heather and I live near beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my two cats, Pedro and Fitz. I have been embroidering for as long as I can remember. I love playing with threads and fibres and creating beautiful things with them.
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5 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Joan says:

    I remember those stockings. They were originally from Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Magazine. But, the magazine never gave credit to anyone for designing them. I have most of them carefully saved in case I should get a bad case of the ‘I’ve got to do them.’ Hasn’t happened in all these years, but the grand-kids are reaching the teen years and some of these stockings might be more appropriate than the Shepherd’s Bush ones I did for them when they were toddlers.

  2. Hi, leaving this in desperation as my emails to you keep being returned as undeliverable. Trying very hard to send your Bustle and Sew mag, do you have another address I could try?

  3. I misseed the star wars decs – I love them

    I nominated you for a blog award

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