My First Giveaway

It’s time for my first ever giveaway!  While I didn’t make my coffins as a Halloween item, I can see how they could be used as such.  So, in honour of that and the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I’m offering one of my little black coffins as a giveaway.  It will end on October 15th so that I can get it in the mail and, hopefully, get it out to the winner by the 31st.

Embroidered with red and black threads on black dupioni silk and lined with red satin, this 3 inch coffin would be a great place to store small treasures or perhaps be a gift box for a pair of ‘drop-dead’ earrings!

Black Coffin OpenLittle Black Coffin

Black Coffin

Black Coffin Side

Isn’t it cute?  Handmade entirely by me.

Entering is easy. You can get one entry for following my blog , another for ‘favouriting’ my Etsy shop and even another by liking the In Love With Threads Facebook page.  Let me know here in the comments how you’ve entered and on the 15th I’ll collate all the entries and let pick a number.
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE:  I waited until Monday evening here in the West Coast of BC and had pull a number out of the figurative hat and the winner is Krazdnurz!  She appealed to my cats and that seems to have done the trick.  Thank you all so much for entering.  It was very fun to do this giveaway.


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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Or at least it’s supposed to.  My pictures have been struggling to say a complete sentence, let alone 1000 words.  I’ve never been a good picture taker, but it has really been brought home to me since I’ve started this blog.  I recently attempted to get one of my posts up on another blog and was rejected because of my poor quality photograph.  I don’t blame them!  It’s been very difficult for me to get pictures worth posting.  And it’s not my little camera’s fault, either.  It’s mine.

I can’t figure out white balance, iso, depth of field or even flash or no-flash.  I have no light in my place – no natural light and no-where to set up a light box with artificial light (my apartment’s pretty small).  My outdoor pictures seem to turn out fairly well, but indoor, not so much.  And as you can see, I haven’t been posting lately.  Mostly because I have no decent pictures to offer you.  However, I will work on it and get some Sunday Stash going again, not to mention pictures of the steampunk coffin I’m working on and all the other projects I’ve got going.   Oh and some gratuitous cat photographs!

So, be patient, and soon my camera will take on more of the conversation.

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Whistle While You….Don’t Work

I’m sure many of you have asked yourselves, “What’s it like, where she lives, that Heather?”  Though why you are asking it in a backwards, Yoda-type way, I do not know.  Well, I can answer that with one word:


Atop Whistler Mountain View

Mountain Tarn From Whistler

Mountain Vista from Whistler

A few days ago, a friend and I made our annual trip to Whistler, BC, which is only a couple of hours from us.  This year we took the gondola and the chair lift to the very summit of Whistler Mountain.  What incredible views!

Here’s one that gives you an idea of how high above Whistler Village we were:

Whistler Village Far Below

The Black Tusk in the distance.

Black Tusk from Whistler Mountain

If you look in the background of each of these pictures you see mountains disappearing into the distance as far as you can see.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, even though we were up so high.  At the summit of Whistler Mountain we were 7,160 ft / 2,182 meters above sea level.

We took the Peak-to-Peak Gondola from Whistler to Blackcomb (and back again) which is the world’s longest unsupported span at 1.88 miles or 3.024 kilometres.  What a way to see the valley below, dangling in a glass box!  Well, not completely glass, but lots of windows to see all around.

Peak to Peak Gondola

We did a little hike, too, and on the way met a friend.

Marmot at the top of Whistler Mountain

This is a hoary marmot.  Whistler is named after the whistling call that they give.  If you look closely, you can see some marks on the bottom of the rock, just to the right of him.  He was licking the rock!  I don’t know why, but assume that he was getting some kind of mineral from it.

We then had dinner and some ice cream in Whistler Village, which is a truly cosmopolitan place, before heading back home.

Whistler Village TowerWhistler Village Cafe

All-in-all, a great day.  I am blessed to live surrounded by such natural beauty.

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Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash Purply Greens

This is an interesting selection as all the thread in the outer ring except for the Wildflowers in the centre bottom have come from weaving.  I took a weaving class at the university and these threads have been given to me by my classmates.  Many threads in my stash have arrived in this way.  Now that I look at the picture the two threads beside the ribbon are also weaving gifts.  That leaves the ribbon yarn in the centre.  You’ll have to trust me that these are more purply than they appear – at least on my screen.

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Do You Remember Where You Were?

Thirty-five years ago today, Elvis died.  Do you remember where you were when you heard?  I had been on a week-long canoeing trip and we had just spent the night at a fishing lodge somewhere on the French River in Ontario.  It had been an interesting and, in some respects, grueling experience.  It was a camp trip and I was 14.  It had poured rain the day before, we’d manouvered our canoes through a shallow rapids, we’d run out of food and then our ride didn’t show up to pick us up.  The fishing lodge kindly let almost 20 girls and counselors sleep on the floor of one of their rooms.  The next morning while we were enjoying a hearty lodge breakfast, in the way that teenagers who’d been out in the woods for a week can only do, we heard the announcement on the radio.
I didn’t cry.  I’m not the crying type and don’t cry over the deaths of people I’ve never met.  But some did.  For many of the girls it was the first experience with the death of an icon.  Since then, there’s been too many of those moments.  The Challenger explosion, Princess Diana, 9-11, Michael Jackson and more.   Moments when the world, it seems, stops and mourns as one.

Now it’s 35 years later, and  I could swear I saw Elvis not too long ago, driving a minivan, here in Abbotsford, BC.

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The Wrack Zone

The wrack zone is the place on the beach where all the debris is left after a high tide.  It is a place of great interest, full of wonderful (and sometimes, not-so-wonderful) things.  It’s where shells, kelp, driftwood and flotsam and jetsam come to rest.  On the West Coast of BC, where we don’t have many sandy beaches, this zone is also full of barnacles, small snails, pebbles and seaweed.

I love an encrusted style of embroidery that lends itself well to exemplifying the sea shore and the wrack zone.  I first mentioned in Calculus and the Sea Shore how items are trapped between two layers of fabric and the resulting wrinkles are incorporated into the final embroidery.  You can see an example in my banner up above.  I’ve been working on another.

Wrack Zone Embroidery Beach

This one has ripples of sand as well as a collection of things found in the wrack zone.

Wrack Zone Detail Embroidery

Wrack Zone Detail Ripples

Wrack Zone Detail Whole

There’s all kinds of things in this piece: buttons and beads, including some vintage translucent leaf beads, a real shell and a myriad of stitches.  Lots and lots of french knots, cast-on bars, drizzle stitches, bullion knots, straight and cross stitches, seed stitch, woven picots, couching, cup stitch, woven spider’s webs, fly stitches and, I’m sure, more that I can’t remember.

I added the driftwood piece as a kind of hanging bar.  This piece is going up on Etsy and hopefully will catch some interest.

Did you see the dead fish?

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Sunday Stash

I love the airshow.  I love the jets and the noise.  The city where I live has one every year and this year is its 50th year, so this week’s Sunday Stash is an airplane in honour of the anniversary.  Well…it’s an airplane if you squint and hold your tongue right!

Grey Threads Airplane Plane

Here’s my model.  They don’t really look alike.  This picture was taken outside with ambient light.  There’s several skeins of cotton floss, a few buttons and a piece of ribbon.  Pretty simple this week.

I’ve been told that at least one reader likes when I put the threads, etc., together in shapes and things.  I wondered what everyone thought.  Continue with the thread collages or should I try some more artsy pictures like last week?

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Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash White Lace

Today’s stash picture is some white lace and thread and also an example of how much better a photographer is my daughter.  She was fooling around with my little, point-and-shoot camera and managed to take some pictures of greater calibre than anything I’ve managed so far.  I will grant that she had better light.  I’ve been struggling with the bright summer light that comes into my place and causes all kinds of shadows.  I’ve attempted to set up a photo area in my kitchen using all artificial light, but that has resulted in some of the terrible pictures I’ve posted lately.  I’m still working on it, learning and trying.  Hopefully, I will improve in time.

This week’s stash has some lace and two types and sizes of DMC threads.  Both are crochet cottons, I think, of different weights.  There also seems to be some gimp in the upper right side.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day we’ve had this summer, so far.  I’ll be hiding inside with the airconditioning on, watching the Olympics.  What about you?

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Sunday Stash

Olympic Rings In Threads

In honour of the Olympics in London happening now, here’s the Olympic rings in thread.  The colours of the rings on the white background represent the colours found in the flags of the nations of the world. The yellow and green rings are supposed to be interlaced with the others, but I couldn’t get that to look nice.  The blue and yellow rings are rayon thread, the black and red perle cotton and the green, a flower thread.

My stash is organized by colour.  There’s a box of red, purple and pink, a box of blues and greens, a box of oranges, yellows and browns, one of gold and silver, one black and grey, and one white and off-whites. So taking this picture meant hauling out 5 boxes (I have a lot of stash).
I’ll be watching the games as often as I can and cheering on the Canadians.  Are you watching?

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The Geek and the Teapot

There’s a few things you need to know about me.  One, I am a geek.  Really.  I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who and many other sci-fi shows.  I also know how to build my own computer.  Not that I have any intention of doing so in the near future.  And I take physics and math at the local university.

Two, I have a head full of thick, silver-grey hair.  Not that I should have a head full of thick, silver-grey hair quite yet.  Although I’m almost 50, my hair has been this colour for quite a number of years.  In fact, my lovely mother (Hi, Mom!) found my first one when I was 10. So I cannot really blame it all on my children.  Although they’re probably responsible for a few of the greys.  Hi, Kids!

Another thing is that I drink a lot of tea.  A lot.  There’s always a fresh pot here.  So when my trusted and ancient brown betty broke, I was pretty devastated, because I couldn’t find another here in my town.  Sure, there were ones that looked similar, but a good teapot pours without dripping, keeps the tea hot and holds a considerable amount of tea, and I just couldn’t locate one like that.  Not even the one my lovely mother bought for me.  Hi, Mom!

So I splurged on this one.  It’s huge!

Grey and Pink Teapot

But because it’s so big, I needed a new tea cozy.  I didn’t want a plain old one like I’d made before, so I created this one.

Grey and Pink Tea Cozy

It’s wool throughout, except for the batting.  Grey wool and black wool for the outside.  I put the black rim on the bottom so that tea stains would be less likely to show. The lining is more of the black wool.  The pink band and white swirls are wool felt hand stitched on and the black dots are perle cotton french knots.  The wool will help keep the tea warm but also let the cozy breathe, just like it does for clothing.  The batting is plain, old polyester batting that I had around the house.

Here’s the other side.

Grey and Pink Teapot

And both together.

Teapot and Cozy

So, come on over.  There’s always a fresh pot of tea.  We can watch Dr. Who together.

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